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From Mrs. Yarbrough

Endeavor Parents/Guardians,

Our number one job at Endeavor is to keep your child safe while they are under our care. We have procedures in place to ensure that this happens and many of these require your support and active participation. Here is a reminder about our drop off and pick up procedures. We appreciate all you do to help make Endeavor a safe place for all students!

Morning Drop-offs- Please drop your child off at their designated grade-level spot and our staff will ensure they get safely into the building. Please do not walk your child up to the building unless you are checking in at the front office. We do not allow anyone on school grounds without first checking in at the front office.

Afternoon Pick-ups- Please wait in your car and allow teachers to bring your child to you. We ask that you continue to drive forward as traffic allows, so we do not back traffic up on Victory. We realize that the line can be long, but if everyone works together, it goes quickly and efficiently! Most importantly, students are delivered safe back into your care. Remember, if you must make a change to your child's pick-up schedule, please do so before 3:00pm.

Thank you!

Heather Yarbrough Principal

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